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The life cycle of a cat
Time:2019-04-29    Source:The life cycle of a cat    Views:1615

The life cycle of a cat

No other pet had held such fascination for us than the common cat. Did you know that cats were worshiped as gods by ancient Egyptians? In fact, the ancient Egyptian god Bastet, who was half cat and half in human form, ensured that all cats were revered in all of Egypt to the point that the cat became the most beloved pet for many. And the tradition of loving and revering cats continues to this day; with more than 44 breeds available worldwide, it is time that we took a closer look at the life cycle of a humble cat.

  • Kittens: All kittens are born into this world, both deaf and blind and as they grow over the next few weeks, these senses develop and soon, after a period of ten days or so, the kitten opens its eyes for the first time. Until then, the mother cat has to lick the kitten to let it know that she’s near and then after the kitten has fed, she moves on to lick its tummy to stimulate digestion as well. The kitten is quite helpless at this point and is dependent on its mother entirely. It usually rests on its belly and is asleep most of the time as the growth hormone within its body goes into overdrive. It starts to walk in about three weeks and gains half an ounce of body weight each day.
  • Junior (6 months to 1 year): At this point, the kitten becomes extremely active, starts exploring its environment and plays with its siblings. It becomes more assertive and is more demanding of its mother during this stage. They soon learn to recognize common surroundings and even start marking their area. It is around this time that the mother cat teaches the young kittens on how to hunt and takes them along for a show and tell. Eventually, the kittens are weaned off the milk completely and soon, after some time, can start hunting on their own.
  • Adult (1 year to 7 years): The young kitten has grown into a gorgeous adult, with fully muscled physique, and is ready to mate with other cats. It is around this stage that the young adult becomes extremely protective of what he considers to be his territory and becomes sexually active as well.
  • Senior (8 years and above): Once the cat becomes older, it is no longer able to move as fast as it used to before and is slow to react as well. It could develop a range of health issues that often affect cats at their old age. It no longer takes an active part in playing and in fact, it is not as active as it used to be before. Some breeds live longer so it is a little difficult to estimate the lifespan of a cat accurately.

This is the life cycle of a cat; while the feline is indeed beautiful to look at, the fact is that they remain wild at the core despite being domesticated.

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