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The life cycle of a dog
Time:2019-04-29    Source:The life cycle of a dog    Views:2203

The life cycle of a dog

Like with every other mammal, dogs also go through four phases, from puppy, adolescent, to adult and then senior. The fact remains that dog’s age faster than humans but this rate of ageing depends more on the breed of dog and that different breeds, age differently; similarly, some breeds are more susceptible to certain diseases than other dogs and the list goes on. So let’s take a closer look at the life cycle of a dog, shall we?

  • Puppy: Most puppies are born after a gestation period of 63 days and the puppy stage generally lasts from six to eighteen months. It is vital that you keep the pup for the first 8 weeks as the mother can teach the pup how to interact with humans. At this age, the young pup would be overly curious and would want to start exploring his immediate environment and would be naturally curious about anyone and anything. He would also tend to urinate frequently, as he has a tiny bladder. You can use pee pads, but it is important that you start potty training your pup at a young age and make him get used to the lash, around about this time as well.
  • Adolescent: As your dog grows up, he is bound to get friskier; he would love to roam outdoors and it is vital that you exercise him often so that he gets a healthy workout daily. Apart from this, he may also act out at times; for example, if you leave him alone for hours he is bound to get depressed and may even act out. This is also the age when the hormones kick in and he loses his puppy fur. He will be extremely active so giving him a workout regularly should enable you to control him better and prevent him from acting out. You may also want to consider enrolling him at an obedience school as that should come in handy.
  • Adult: Your dog would be potty trained and would be trained to follow your various commands; a dog is usually an adult between the ages of one to three. Once he reaches this age, his hormone levels should flat out and not peak any longer. Moreover, he would still desire to head out as often as he could, so make sure that he gets his daily workout as this can help boost his overall health.
  • Senior: Once dogs reach the ages between 6 and 10, they are officially a senior. As the dog gets older it becomes more susceptible to various diseases and health conditions. So make sure that you consult a vet regularly. Your dog’s activities may seem to take longer but that’s mainly due to the fact that he is no longer as strong before, due to his age.

This is the complete life cycle of a dog while you may want to keep in mind that your dog is equally as susceptible to various health infections, and therefore a regular vet visit is a must.

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